Blue Eye Samurai is Anti-White Nonsense

Promising Series turns to disaster

Nowadays I don’t often delve into American Animation anymore because the standards have become abysmally low and they’ve become ridden with Neo-Liberal commentary that only the Hollywood Ruling class cares about. For starters this series has been called and marketed as “Anime” but it isn’t because it’s not done by a Japanese Studio nor does it have a Japanese Dub just like Castlevania it is a Western animation that’s highly influenced by anime, but that’s not enough to classify it as Anime (Thats not necessarily a bad thing by the way, but we cannot let Netflix subvert the meaning of the words and their etymology).

So what exactly is Blue Eye Samurai about? Let’s summarize this shortly by quoting what’s been written on Wiki! Spoilers below!

During Japan’s Edo period (17th century), half-white half-Japanese swordsmaster Mizu quests for vengeance against four white men who illegally remain in Japan during the closing of its borders by the Tokugawa shogunate.

One important detail left from the quote above, which is a spoiler in itself is that Mizu is actually a woman who masquerading as a male so essentially this is kinda like a Mulan taking place in Japan except Mizu has no desire to live a noble life, and serve the country, but instead have her vengeance against “four white men”. For example Jane Wu whose producer of Blue Eye Samurai and also directed 2 episodes had to say this in her interview with Polygon

The Polygon writer continues to state “Wu’s frustration with the “bro club” of Hollywood action work comes out in full force in Blue Eye Samurai, which rewires razor-sharp swordplay for the John Wick era”. So we can clearly see that Jane Wu is very resentful of Hollywood culture because it is men making decisions most of which are “White men” in her eyes – but probably in reality it’s mostly Jewish men who make the calls.

Shitting on White men is not a new thing in Hollywood and every minority whether it’s blacks, Jews, Hispanics, or Asians takes their turns now and then to whine about the “current thing” to gain work and social cookies in the industry. It needs to be addressed that there is a lot of anti-Chinese sentiment in Hollywood for many different reasons one is the censorship of their Liberal movies when they are released in China and another reason is likely related to how much purchasing power they have in the market.

This is why we also see 5-8 different Asian actors rotated around every goddamn Hollywood movie that has an Asian character in it, not only the talent pool is severely lacking its also very liberal. There is a very deep talent pool in South Korea, Japan, and even in China of actors that could definitely do a better job than the likes of Maya Erskine (Voice actor of Mizu) or Ming-Na Wen (Madame Kaji) for that matter.

What the fuck are workplace microaggressions in this context? I love it when people make these super vague statements about the overall culture in Hollywood but they never ever drop any names, it feels like everyone has massive boiled emotions bottled up inside. Jane Wu – if you already didn’t guess from her hair color is a total looney feminist like many other women In this industry who are severely out of touch.

Now I don’t want to spend too much time on Jane Wu since she is just one of the people who worked on this but after going through IMDB profile of Blue Eye Samurai you can clearly see that there was an intentional incentive not to add white men in the staff… and obviously the only white voice actor in the roster is playing the bad guy named Fowler.

There was another article by Salon where Jane Wu & Amber Noizumi (The Creator) go play the oppression Olympics as well if you want to read.

Source Of Feminism always has and will be Darkness & Negativity

The very premise of this story is frankly quite racist as Mizu has a desire to kill all four white men who are currently in Japan. This is due to the fact that she was told by her mother to hide from the world for being half white and half Japanese, the word “Demon” gets thrown aggressively through the whole series and that is adjacent to being white. It is quite true Japan has a xenophobic history, but if you study actual history Christianity was introduced to Japan already century earlier so this idea of massive hate and xenophobia is a bit overexaggerated and felt to me like an excuse to justify killing white men.

The Ironic part here is that Mizu justifies the killing of these four white men (one of them is her father) just on the basis that she is mixed and had a rough childhood. It’s not like her mother was killed by them or they cut Mizu’s legs or eyes, nothing of the sort happened. If anything in the beginning her and her mother’s hut is being destroyed by the Japanese villagers, not by white men.

On top of the anti-White narratives and misandry, this series broadcasts there is also an unbelievable amount of feminism and nonsensical female empowerment. Like Mizu is able to beat every man in Japan and physically able to throw men over her shoulder with just one arm? This top cringe material at its finest, nobody believes you to be simultaneously mega strong while being extremely thin and fast – that’s not how muscles work.

Mary Sue Complex Strikes Again

All the women in this series are acting some type of revenge whether it’s Akemi against her father, Madame Kaji against the local mob, and Obviously Mizu against the four white men. The men in this series either just outright die or they are constantly outperformed by women, look at the Swordfather in the show, he’s been doing swords for decades and suddenly mizu is able to craft this amazing sword from a meteor that the Swordfather was never able to craft from? This is stupid as fuck

Ringo has to be a literal handless guy so he has no way of becoming even remotely up to the bar or useful as Mizu in the series. The most capable guy in the series is Taigen, but he gets rekt by Mizu twice on a duel, manages to get captured, and keeps failing most of the time.

Also, I need to add that Maya Erskine is not a great actress this performance as Mizu is not convincing to me on any level, I really hoped in the beginning there would’ve been dub or something to listen to someone else than her, but only shot was with german subs which I eventually gave a pass on.

Don’t get me wrong, there are good things like the soundtrack and animation are quite superb at times even though backgrounds can be sometimes a bit lazy in their design. As a white male though do I want to be contrasted akin to a Demon for being white? Probably not, I mean this isn’t exactly a real historical series telling a true story if that wasn’t the case I wouldn’t really mind. But Hollywood truly is on this path to reverse gender roles and shit on white people constantly who are simultaneously the biggest demographic of users in Netflix and the biggest viewers in U.S. cinema, so why exactly bite the hand that feeds you?

It all comes down to resentment of the achievements of White men mostly and instead of aspiring to get on a similar level, a cultural resentment is being artificially created and advocating violence, discrimination, financial penalties, and even reparations on white men. But, yes Ghenghis Khan played by John Wayne was wrong, but that was ages ago and it doesn’t justify the bastardization of White Men’s work in Hollywood or the general disrespectful culture that is being fostered by the Hollywood Elite.

Now I could go on about the Liberal Sexual degeneracy that is being displayed in this series, but I think I have made my points regarding this series. This show doesn’t come from the heart, it comes from the darkness and hate.