Captain Tsubasa Rising Sun THE FINAL: Chapter 3 & 4 Review

Hey there! I’m back with another review of the two new chapters of Captain Tsubasa Rising Sun: The Final.

Chapter 3

In this chapter, with Payol’s assistance, Michael successfully halts the Golden Combi’s High Speed Tornado Sky Alpha by utilizing the renowned Skylab Hurricane technique from the Tachibana brothers. The impact is so powerful that the ball shatters, forcing the game to come to a temporary halt. Following this event, Aoi approaches Tsubasa and expresses his desire to attempt something knowing he will be exhausted during the middle of the second half by pressuring the Spanish players alongside Nitta.

The match resumes, and both Nitta and Aoi diligently execute their pressing maneuvers as instructed by Coach Kira. This compels the Spanish players to pass the ball to Michael, who chooses to confront Tsubasa once again. Regrettably for Michael, Tsubasa astutely anticipates his time bomb technique, leading to a turnover in possession.

Chapter 4

Moving on, following Tsubasa’s successful ball recovery, he initiates an impressive combination play and skillfully bypasses Raphael. In a strategic move, Tsubasa pretends to jump, diverting Michael’s attention towards him, while the true target of the ball is Misaki, who is airborne. Misaki swiftly delivers the ball to Aoi, who executes a Full Metal Phantom in collaboration with Tsubasa.

It’s important to note that the Full Metal Phantom is a signature combination shot used by Natureza and Santana from Brazil. This exceptional maneuver results in a goal for Japan, scored in the 8th minute of the second half. Surprisingly, Callusias, the Spanish goalkeeper, remains motionless, astonished by this novel technique.


Although these chapters were “fine”, the excessive focus on Tsubasa and Misaki felt somewhat overwhelming to my personal preference. Aoi, who has been lacking innovation for a while, now resorts to replicating a previously used technique from the Brazilian players, much like Tsubasa. It’s worth mentioning that while the action remains captivating to read, I believe that Takahashi may have exhausted his ideas for this particular match.

Witnessing another High Speed Tornado Sky Alpha or Full Metal Phantom, which we have already encountered multiple times, feels redundant. Even if the current variation involves a Full Metal Phantom disguised as a High Speed Tornado Sky Alpha, it fails to offer something fresh. Aoi could have introduced a truly new technique instead of revisiting old ones.

Therefore, I suggest that, in this match, Takahashi should place greater emphasis on the strategic aspects of the game, rather than wasting time illustrating these familiar techniques. Although the element of surprise with Aoi was present, the repetitive nature of the “Hahaha!! We’re pretending to do this technique, but it’s actually another technique!” trope has become tiring at this point.

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