Dr. Stone Season 3 Review

This review will be based on First cour of the season 3 which is also known as Dr. Stone New World and (that being first 11 episodes) the remaining episodes are going to air this year in October in case you weren’t aware. Previously i gave my thoughts about Season 2 in case you want to have brief recap what i thought.

SYNOPSIS – With the ambitious Ryuusui Nanami joining their ranks, Senkuu Ishigami and his team are nearing completion of their preparations to embark on a momentous voyage across the seas. Their goal is to reach the far side of the world, where the peculiar green light that petrified humanity originated. A skilled chef, revived from petrification, ensures an abundant food supply for the entire crew, while a remarkable reinvention of GPS technology guarantees their safety amidst the vast ocean.

As the preparations for the imminent journey proceed smoothly, Senkuu receives an unsettling message from an enigmatic sender. Fueled by determination, the scientist sets out to explore the unexplored realm and uncover its potential for his scientific endeavors. Despite the potential for unforeseen challenges in these uncharted territories, Senkuu remains undeterred, relying on the power of science to overcome any obstacle that may arise.

Now first of all they had this dumbass idea to have an OVA between the seasons and if you don’t watch it you will be missing on the introduction of an important character known as Ryuusui who has obsession of snapping his fingers (Gotta have them anime signature gimmicks to all characters am i right?) so make sure to watch it before starting off with Season 3.

Gary Stue Problems Still Exist

Just like in previous seasons it seems that Senku is living encyclopedia when it comes to mathematical and scientific solutions to basically everything a super Mcgyver in a way if you think about it. That is not only extremely boring, but also creates a vacuum of character progression if there are no proper roadblocks or major hurdles to tackle. You had little of that with Stone Wars, but that honestly bit minimal.

Now other problem that arose this season was the pacing, suddenly Senku has a 3D Printer who just keeps creating shit ton of cameras and other tools? Where are all of these precious resources coming from so quickly and where is the process that we saw those being built. The type of grind and processing of materials what was one of the aspects that made this show good in the first place.

Compare how long it took them to build things in past seasons for simple things and now look at the speed now, you will have your answer

I Don’t even want to go into the human dynamics what happens when there are scarce resources and limited supply of food, the premise that there aren’t murders and civil war going on constantly is absolutely baffling to me, but it does seem like the author is some type of an Utopian Humanist thinker in general. This series always needed more of that Lord Of the Flies and Planet Of The Apes vibe to become that 10/10 series to be honest.

Weak Start, but it gets Better..

The start was really comedic slice of life elements and introduction of Ryuusui and his butler/chef/assistant which gets brought shortly after to life. Who happens to be able to create amazing foods from literally nothing. After this nonsense is over they are finally getting aboard the ship and the real stuff actually starts to rollout with the new suspected mastermind villain which is dubbed as “Whyman” by Senkus people.

Then you have this baldie whose introduced whose pivotal in this arc, for some reason guy can reflect moments when he was literal baby – which is hard to buy, i mean barely can reflect things when i was 5 years old and I’m suppose to believe this guy can remember crap like this? Bitch please…

There is solid mystery elements with this arc and everything don’t seem so clear from the start, which i really liked with this Treasure Island Arc. During this arc we are seeing bunch of new characters, which some are just copies of archetypes we saw earlier.

Can we also agree that men dressing as woman has never been and never will be funny? Honestly this is just a masonic humiliation ritual that is used to keep opposition or Japanese in this case as vassals to U.S imperialist state. I can’t believe Mangaka truly find this funny, they are just told by their editors to think that way or something.

Cour One will end on a bit of a cliffhanger too so we gotta wait till October until we get proper conclusion to this arc. Overall its a decent season despite its lackluster start and speedrunning all techtree upgrades. There isn’t much material left to adapt, so we are likely going to get Season 4 eventually which will cover the last arc from the manga.