Top Final Fantasy IX Mods

Best FFIX Mods to Play With on Steam

While we are waiting for more Leaks & Rumors regarding Final Fantasy IX Remake, its time to look at how you can enhance your current Modding experience with the Final Fantasy IX steam version. Please read the requisite requirements for the mods in order to run them, there isn’t exactly one general modding suite available so some are going to run differently. Make sure to also make backups for your Save files for the game before meddling with mods. 

Moguri Mod (Essential)

The most essential mod you can get is the Moguri Mod that has upscaled all the graphical textures in the game, widescreen support, remastered soundtrack, analog support, FMVs upscaled among cheat engine that allows you to add lot of great quality of things like adjusting FPS and giving 100% steal chance among other things. Installation is very simple and there is brief fast guide how to do it (not lot of steps)

Character Pack Mod (Alternate Fantasy)

So this mod will require the Memoria Patcher which is kinda its own modding suite that’s sort of forked out from Moguri or was it other way around? Anyways, this character pack mod is very solid it allows you to play with many notable characters like Kuja, Fratley, Beatrix, Lani, Cinna & Marcus. Their ability sets are bit more limited and so are some of their animations, but honestly they aren’t too bad in my opinion.

Mog Add-Ons

IF you want to tuneup the visual experience of your menus and text dialogues this is a great mod to go with. You have the option to adjust the color of menu and texts that pop out from three different options. Top of this there are also alternative Portraits, which even support the mod above, this comes with 3 different variations that you can pick from. Lastly there is PlayStation button icons available who really want to go for that retro effect.

All Support Abilities Cost 1 Magic Stone Each

Extremely simple mod, but yet quite convenient especially if your not going to leveling all your characters to max, it can be quite convenient to set all abilities to have 1 Magic stone cost – this will give a pretty high edge over the game i might add, but if you need some handicap and your not playing with a guide, i think you should try this one out.

VVs Randomizer v4.0

This randomizer was designed to alter the game in many different ways to give each playthrough a fresh feel.  Make sure your game language is set to US to see the correct names and descriptions (Requires Moguri or Memoria to work).  Randomized Active Abilities and Support Abilities. Stronger abilities (such as Auto-Haste) have been coded to appear on later equipment. Characters will only learn abilities that will have a use. Examples; A character only has the chance to learn Boost if they can also learn a summon. There is also another randomizer called Stiltzkin’s Bag, which you might want to try incase this isn’t the thing you are looking for.

There are more mods available on NexusMods and obviously Memoria Patcher has inbuilt things in it that you may find useful. We have written other mod guides on our website, which you also want to take a look at if you’re Final Fantasy Fan.