Mod that Removes Gay Stuff from Baldurs Gate III

Anti-Woke Mods on Baldurs Gate III?

If anything Baldurs Gate 3 has been a heated battlefield for woke representation and you can see that on a daily basis when you go to steam discussions for the game. Now we here at Putachi obviously don’t believe in most woke culture or anything related to feminism, including the LGBT movement because it’s fundamentally not improving games it’s just there to cater to the Elite bourgeoisie class and people who aren’t going to buy your game anyway.

It’s pretty clear that there are too many LGBT pairings inside BG3 compared to just normal straight couples this should never happen when mathematically you are looking at these things. Luckily we have some mods that will help remedy this issue. Voicing these concerns on official Steam forums will get you banned in most scenarios or you venture into an absolute shitstorm of endless discussion with either side of the debate… or the topic just simply gets closed by moderators after a while.

Mods to Rescue

As we disclosed in our initial review of Baldurs Gate III you always have the option just to execute the LGBT characters you see in the game and if this isn’t enough you have the option to fix these issues with modding. Now censorship is pretty heavy on the modding side of things like Nexus Mods taking direction against Anti-LGBT regarding material (But hey any other degeneracy is fine, even the borderline CP content).

Luckily there is a half solution to our problems, which is a mod by Jhaeriks. This mod basically disables reactions so if you want to avoid all forms of romance in the game, this is a good mod to engage with, not to our knowledge there is a full STRAIGHT mod for people out there, hopefully, modders will deliver on something like this because there is clearly a demand.

Disables reaction adjustments for ALL, Female, or Male companions. Prevents both positive and negative relation gains. Avoid unwanted romance, focus on the main story, or just make the companions less needy. Up to you.

NOTE; Comes with three files to optionally remove both positive and negative reaction gain with All/Female/Male companions. Ignore any warnings, this mod should be multi-version compatible. Only effects reactions gains. You can still lose reaction score with companions through friendly fire. Aim with care. This will effectively disable any relation based side quests the companion may have.

If you know about other non-woke mods for Baldurs Gate 3 let us know in the comment sections down below. We are going to feature also some best for the game later, so stay tuned…