Netflix Pushing Feminist Agenda with Ōoku The Inner Chambers

Just recently, Netflix released a trailer and a key visual for the upcoming Anime series, Ōoku: The Inner Chambers (大奥) which is slated to be released on June 29, 2023 on Netflix. Now, we already know that Netflix has always pushed a certain kind of content on their platform to usually cater to the woke LGBT crowd, so, it’s not really a streaming platform for anything mildly conservative in general.

We obviously know this and it doesn’t come out as a big surprise to us, but the Anime category has been mostly left alone in this factor which I’ve appreciated. Still, recently there has been a shift to more simp content like The Way of the Househusband, which is about a man rejecting his masculine traits to become a cuck loser at home – don’t get me wrong it’s somewhat entertaining. However, once you understand what they are trying to achieve with the series, it fundamentally changes the way you feel about it.

Now, let me explain a bit about what is Ooku about in terms of its premise.

During the Edo period in Japan (1603 to 1868), a peculiar and novel illness known as the Redface Pox emerged, specifically afflicting the male populace. Over the course of 80 following the initial outbreak, the male population dwindled to a mere quarter of the total female population. Consequently, women assumed all roles conventionally assigned to men, including that of the Shogun. In this paradigm, men, revered as cherished life providers, were diligently safeguarded, while the most exquisite among them were chosen to serve within the Inner Chambers of the Shogun.

The manga has been previously adapted into Live action and also has received the Japanese Association of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy’s fifth annual Sense of Gender Awards in 2005, and the Grand Prize of the 13th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2009. So, this already kinda gives you the idea why this has been a great pick for Netflix to further push their “narrative”.

Matriarchy is a Fantasy and a Delusional One at That

When we are talking about women leaders (in political positions) or girl bosses, that is not a concept that has ever been able to compete with male leadership in a historical context. When it comes to women’s entrepreneurial success, all the Top 10 richest women on the planet have basically inherited their money. No woman has ever ranked among the Top 50 greatest political leaders and conquerors of all time. It’s a silly proposal.

“No successful society or civilization was founded or based on the Matriarchy” is a common position held by many anthropologists. Encyclopedia Britannica lists it as a hypothetical social system. We very well know the natural reason for this, it’s because women are not born leaders nor do they have the ability to inspire men (Simping is not a form of inspiration FYI) and obviously, modern media and pundits will try to tell you otherwise, but the facts remain.

The same applies to women’s right to vote, no civilization or successful nation has been built on the foundation that women have the ability to vote in elections. Not a single one!

If anything, the increase of women leaders & voters in Europe has caused an increase in pro-immigration parties which lead to higher crime rates in countries with high immigration such as Sweden for instance. Furthermore, in France there has been a 1000% increase in rape in the last 40 years. Europe & the United States have significantly become more unsafe over the decades.

Women may be able to inspire other women under their leadership, but ultimately, only high-quality men can inspire both genders and that is one of the prime reasons why promoting anything related to matriarchy and feminism mis going to lead to very bad results.

Female Shogun wouldn’t Rule Long, it’s not Realistic

Now, there was “technically” a female shogun that was kinda in charge for a while, but if you look into her history, she ruled over a very unstable and conflict-heavy time period in Japan. Men don’t see women as capable and there will eventually be men who would want to overthrow her (maybe that’s a plot in the series too) but even if the male population were to dwindle down by 75%, that doesn’t actually mean that men would lose male positions in the labor force or in political positions, so this idea is absurd at best.

I don’t know if it’s a lack of experience or traveling, but certain mangaka have a very poor understanding of human nature and how they behave especially outside of Japanese social systems. The idea of a Female shogun leading a country and women taking the role of the men is just something that wouldn’t happen. Of course, this doesn’t happen in the modern day so it’s more believable. However, that doesn’t mean women would be able to do hard labor jobs or want to do them, because they have natural leanings towards different jobs.

Obviously, anime is a source of fiction, but even pieces of fiction draw in from things that are actually real and this is something I’ve struggled a lot with certain anime characters that may have different ethnicity, as they wouldn’t act or be anything like the live counterparts in this planet. Just because the character is colored like a Middle Eastern or black, doesn’t exactly make them that automatically there is more to ethnicity than that.

I have not read the manga, but according to statements by people who have reviewed it,  it has murder, incest, drama, rape, and potentially other taboo subjects. So, it’s not exactly apparently a successful society if so much crime is going on, I guess? Then again, if it was the reverse, it’s still a piece of fiction.

Perhaps I will watch and review this series, it might be good but it’s sending the wrong message to the world. Reversing gender roles is going to have natural resistance and people are already reacting to that on the global stage and in media, it’s only a matter of time before feminist/matriarchal movements will become the laughingstocks of the world again.