Top Final Fantasy XIII Mods to Check

We’re here at it again since our last post about FFX Mods was quite popular now is a good segway to focus on FFXIII Trilogy instead. Now due to being not as popular title there are fundamentally fewer mods available for this one, so not that many to choose from basically. This list focuses on FFXIII mods only, because there aren’t that many for LR or XIII-2 simply.

I also want to add that there are so much harder-to-install mods compared to what I’ve covered with FF7, FF9, or FF10 in the past. There isn’t any universal mod suite that allows you to install everything under it outside of Nova Chrysalia which is listed below.

How to get Started with Final Fantasy XIII & Sequel Mods

One of the core mods that I highly recommend is the Nova Chrysalia core mod which works for all three games. This mod suite basically allows simple mod installs (for ones that support this mod tool) alongside changing many options for the games from audio, shadow resolution, anti-aliasing, and all that good stuff.

This is quite a straightforward mod but there are things you need to do starting with “Unpack Game Data” before you can start playing around with mods and this will require quite a lot of space from the PC in order to start working. After that is done you can import Core Mod Pack (download it from their discord which I linked earlier) which comes along with a lot of good-quality mods that will enhance your experience.

The Core Mod pack has great QoL mods such as using PS3 and X360 button prompts for all three games and for instance, unlocking the DLC content which is not available on PC for FF13-X and Lightning Returns. Monster Glow and Leviathans Tears are nice graphic mods you might want to try out based on your preference. Once you have imported mods by clicking “Add Modpack” just click Mod on the list and push “Install Mod”. The mods that are used by Nova Chrysalia are in .NCMP format, I tried to just throw in the zip file but that didn’t personally work for me, so i just added the files one by one after i had unzipped them.

HD Models+ Mod

If you are looking for some high-quality versions of the playable characters you might want to take a look at this one. Also, on top of making models HD, there is also an option for alternative looks like shirtless Snow or changing Lightning to Serah instead (this includes team NORA and many other alternative side characters to be switched up, personally I’m a bit of a fan of the Leblanc one). This mod also has partial support for the Nova Chrysalia for some of the models, but not the alternative ones.

The FFXIII HD Project Mod

Now changing the character models isn’t the only thing you can upscale in FFXIII you also have this mod that also gives more HD treatment on NPC’s, Terrain Backgrounds, Battle Stages, Eidolons, and also the weapons that the characters are using. This one has no compatibility with the Nova Mod suite, so you gotta install it the way that guide requires you to.

NEW: Version 4.0.0 of this mod now upgrades some of the main character models in a similar fashion to the mod HD Models+.  The specific models chosen were for full compatibility with the game (not necessarily the best looking).  The models used are the ultimate models for Lightning (original hair), Sazh, Hope, Vanille and Fang.  If you wish to use any of the other possible models for these characters (alternate models, HD Snow, Lightning HQ hair, sculpted, etc.), they are available using the HD Models+ mod which can be run after this install.   HD Models+ is no longer required to improve the models if you just want to play the game with the better models and the original look (outfits).

How you install this also varies based on whether are you using HD Models+ mod alongside this, but proper installation guides can be found in the documentation on the download link page if you want to understand how is it done.

Lightning Returns in Cocoon

This mod replaces Lightning with a modified version of Garbs from Lightning Returns.  There are some noticeable differences as the game models are not directly compatible, such as the shortened skirt on Watery Chorus as it does not move with the animation and had severe clipping. The following models are available from LR

  •  Watery Chorus
  • Rhapsody in Rose
  • Velvet Bouncer
  • Witching Hour
  • Miqo’te Dress (no tail/ears)
  • Dangerous Blossom
  • Dragon’s Blood (no wings)
  • Sacred Knight
  • Candy Raver

However, a prerequisite of owning Lightning Returns on Steam is a must in order to get this mod working, because it utilizes content from the LR’s game files. Also, you must also have HD Models+ in order to get this one fully working too.

Gameplay Tweaks and Hardmode Mod

If you are looking for fundamental gameplay changes and adjustments this mod is going to offer a lot more variables and ways to make the game lot harder. Some key features that this mod allows you to tweak and add to increase the difficulty are following

This mod provides a way to distribute and implement changes to the .wdb game files along with several game-play modifications.  Included with the base files are the following game changes.  (Note: this mod now updates both the English and Japanese audio files, and beginning with 2.3.5 this mod will work with Steam versions that only provide Japanese audio files.)

  • Improved Catalog Drop rates – drop rate for equipping collectors & connoisseurs’ catalogs are increased double for common and others increased by 10%
  • High CP Crystarium Nodes – Higher-end crystarium stages like 9th and 10th have fundamentally higher CP costs, by total there are more stats available but CP cost is overall increased by 22 million for all characters combined
  • Normal Drop rates – Ratings from zero to two are now giving more multipliers while everything above stays the same
  • Paradigm Shift – Shifting animations are now faster basically
  • Running Speed – Characters are now moving 15% faster this allows you to dodge encounters more easily
  • Faster ATB – Enemies’ ATB regeneration is faster causing them to attack more often anywhere from 30% to 50% more
  • Chain 600% – The Gap for the Chain gauge has been maxed out at 600% instead of the normal 999% making overall damage lower during staggering.
  • Enemy Health – Most enemies have now +50% health approximately excluding enemies that are more on 100,000 health range. This part has two adjustments which allows different setup that increases depending on your choice
  • Higher Stats – Enemies have increased Strength or Magic based on the enemy type. This also comes along with two choices one that gives 20% increase and other with 35% increase.

There are some other changes which you can read below on the download page, remember that this mod is not supported in Nova Chrysalia.

Crystarium Editing Mod

This mod gives you an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to modify Crystariums for all your 6 playable characters in the game. Each of the nodes are fully editable and you can change them around to have any bonus or CP cost you desire. Abilities that are exclusive to certain characters can be now given to others for instance. However, this mod doesn’t allow you to modify the actual geometry of the Crystarium. You are likely required to have Microsoft Excel to run this mod.

That’s what we got for now, make sure to follow us on Twitter and check out some other useful modding and Final Fantasy content on our site.