Top 10 Final Fantasy X Mods

Since there has been increased interest in my recent video about FFX/FFX-2 mods I decided to do a feature article here about how to install these mods and feature the best ones (in my opinion) that can enhance your gameplay experience by playing this game on Steam. Now if you don’t own the game on PC (Steam) you can buy it dirt cheap here, whilst supporting us and our work at this site.

No coding will be required in order to get started, but you will be likely need a Windows system since I don’t think that is the necessary prerequisite available for MAC and Linux as of right now.

I really want to stress that these aren’t exactly in any particular order here, these are just quality mods for FFX/FFX-2 you should take a look into. There is more mods to discover at Nexusmods.

How to Install Mods for Final Fantasy X & X-2

This isn’t exactly too hard a process people no coding is required. First, you want to obviously find where your FFX is installed the path should be something like this C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY FFX&FFX-2 HD Remaster and of course, this folder doesn’t exist unless you have installed the game, but you probably knew this already. One of the base mods that is required for 99% of the mods on this list is Untitled Project X and they have explained well how to install it on their own Steam page.

In order to install texture mods (only after you have installed Untitled Project X, see the image below for how the folders should look at this point) go to this location C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY FFX&FFX-2 HD Remaster\UnX_Res\inject\textures and drop the texture folder you have unzipped into this directory.

Some of these texture mods bring along both 4K and 8K versions, meaning you have to choose which ones you export to the folder. If you add both it may cause issues and I’m not 100% sure which ones the game will actually use. After you have added the textures re-open the game for results.

#10 – Untitled Project X

Now there is a full guide on the download link below on how to basically install this one it’s the hardest one to do on the list and it isn’t too complex and it should work quite easily. This mod enables a bunch of QoL features in the game including the ability to change the key mapping, texture button sets for xbox360/ps3/ps4, changing audio to Japanese for cutscenes/combat/FMVs, Intel GPU Bypass, PSN Trophies, Fullscreen mode & Cheats that will allow you to quicksave, speed boost and unlimited overdrives. 

On top of this, the mod allows you to add custom textures, which are highly favored among these FFX-based mods so just saying that you are much more likely required to get this one to get other mods working.

#9 – Alt Menus

This one is a simple UI mod that changes the background to a Besaid Island beach basically. The original is amazing, but when you are replaying the game, man this one feels very refreshing and feels like almost a total rework. On top of this, there are also these blue boxes on the right side of the menu, you can also the default black ones here too if you so desire. Installing is quite simple by dropping textures in and yes it does require Untitled Project X.

#8 – Farplane Editor

A bit older mod that was created some years ago, Farplane editor allows you to change many parameters inside both games including modifying your current gil, editing monsters, experience and stat customization, garment grid editor, accessory editor, Dressphere count editor and for FFX you can adjust things like Aeons & Party, Change key items, Change item types and quantities, Modify Blitzball roster, control monsters, True invisibility (God mode), Deal max damage, boosters, Max All stats/levels, Give all items, Shared AP after the battle, learn all abilities and many other features.

Now this is a bit older mod so I’m not sure how well it’s patched and working, but if you run into issues please make sure to drop a comment below.

#7 – Leblanc Syndicate Mod (FFX-2)

Another very cool mod by YuuDennings allows you to play as the whole Leblanc syndicate characters starting from story chapter 1 and this includes Leblanc, Ormi, Logos, but also Goon Purple and Fem-goon. This mod will require a sub-mod called Farplane Editor in order to work with your game. Note; this will still allow you to play with Rikku, Yuna and Payne to my understanding. 

#6 – The Sights Of Spira (Field texture mod for FFX-2)

If you want to have a bit of a different look into the various zones and areas in FFX-2 you should probably try out this mod. This is not an HD upscale exactly and also will require an Untitled Project X mod in order to get working on your game. It seems that most zones are redone but not all.

#5 – FFX Face Texture Tweaks

One point of critique for the HD Remasters was how certain facial elements changed for certain characters I mean it was kinda expected that they would shift around. Now if you don’t like how they look there is this Face Texture tweak mod by Ellise which will fix things around here for the better or worse depending on your taste.

#4 – Tidus 8k & 4k Texture Packs

Now Catachrism has done us very good service by basically doing all main cast characters under 4k & 8k resolution textures. This is making the game look a lot more HD experience, while some NPCs might be a bit lower quality and monsters of course. He has also done Aeons and Seymour too if you are interested go through his profile in Nexusmods. I’ve heard people didn’t like that they departed how the characters looked in PS2 with the remaster, but I guess everyone has their own preference when it comes to that.

#3 – This is Our Story…As Well (FFX-2 Mod)

While it’s great that there are a lot of high rez texture mods for main characters, that doesn’t mean we should forget some important NPCs in the game as well. This re-texture mod gives a different look to many of the existing important side NPCs in the game and most of them look good, but I gotta keep it real that Rin looks quite dumb on this one (But hey you can remove his texture from the list and problem solved!). This also will overlap with FFX since some of the same textures are used between both games.

#2 – Dark Aeon Textures

This is quite a simple texture mod but the idea is brilliant, basically, it swaps out your existing Aeon skins into the Dark Aeon ones, I showcased this in my video in greater detail, and it’s a rather refreshing experience. The only problem I have to state is that on my personal try, I wasn’t able to get the skins to work on every single Aeon that I owned, this might be an individual bug, but if you get this yourself too – please report this in the comment section. Oh yeah, now the Dark Aeon bosses will use the normal skins too, which is fun.

This doesn’t make any balance changes to your existing Aeons however, just so you understand it’s purely visual.

#1 – Ultimate Hardcore Challenge Mod

This mod focuses on making FFX hard as possible offering multiple different changes in the base game for those who want to change the core gameplay experience. This one has a completely new Sphere grid where stat points are reduced to the minimum, Every character starts with 1 stat point, the Scaling of every Aeon is reduced, most high magic spells are not available, every starter weapon has lower stats and most interestingly the game starts on Luca!

If you want to get a better idea there is a playthrough with this mod available out there. This one requires you to download a save file to get started, but remember it will overwrite the current slot, so make sure to make a backup.

That’s our list of some of the best FFX/FFX-2 mods out there, we are gonna come back featuring some of the other JRPG greatness later on with other Final Fantasy titles in the near future.