Top 10 Total War Warhammer III Mods You Should Try

TWW3 has been out for over 2 years now and it has received numerous DLC’s and updates – among this there is very vibrant modding community who are changing drastically the game experience and i’m going to talk to you about some of the best mods that you can get for Total War Warhammer III right now that will make your game experience much better and interesting.

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Note; Mods may not always be up to date with the latest patches, since it’s up to modders to keep up with their own mods & Also the list below isn’t in any particular order

10) Recruit Defeated Legendary Lords

Probably one of the best and most used quality-of-life mods you should get is this one. When you are playing factions like Lizard men or High Elves for example there is a high probability that a faction you want to confederate with might die before you get the chance to do so, when the actual faction dies on the campaign you get the ability to to choose whatever you are going to “Accept the refugees” meaning that factions Lord and heroes.

This will also work with factions that do not have confederate mechanic like the Vampire Coast and Tomb Kings.

9) Roar of the Jade Sea : Yin-Yin, the Sea Dragon

For the Cathay fans, there is a really nice mod that adds a totally new faction that you can play as known as “The Eastern Provinces” which unlocks the Sea Dragon AKA Yin-Yin as she is titled in the lore. This mod is not just adding a new faction to play with and a new LL, but also a bunch of new units that are exclusive to her faction.

This mod acts also as a new mechanic known as “Kaiju” which are essentially big sea monsters that exist in multiple places in the map that will attack you kinda like the pirate factions. There are other neat features like custom landmarks that she can capture. There is also one Submod that will expand the roster of the units that you could check out.

8) GCCM (Beta)

One big complaint with the release of WH3 has been the lack of different maps and CA hasn’t necessarily done that much to add more entries to that list. However, the GCCM mod is adding 16 different maps from WH1 & WH2 with more coming as more updates are rolled out. Note that these maps don’t have barricades or Towers in them and so far there doesn’t seem to be a way to add them on these old maps.

7) SCM: Tribes of the North

Norsca is probably the faction that requires the most amount of love right now in TWW3 given the fact that they have never received a DLC or proper rework that they kinda deserve, they are lowkey maybe the most awful faction to play right now for numerous reasons. That being said there are a lot of mods that elevate the player experience and Tribes of the North does a lot of things including 13 new legendary heroes and lords for Norsca.

New unique mechanics for minor Norsca tribes, Rework of the confederation mechanic, uniquely skinned marauders for Norscan factions, Over 100 new units, abilities and 80 new items are also added with this mod.

6) Extra Variants

Another thing that has annoyed me about generic lord and hero releases by CA is that they usually just do 3-4 variants per character making it feel like you see too many same-looking people all over, that is why members of the community over the span of the 3 games have published multiple extra variant packs and I decided that Snek’s version was worth the mention due to featuring so many variants in a single mod.

This pack has variants for Kislev, Dwarfs, Empire and Bretonnia – some Lord choices have up to 25 different variants which is huge in my opinion, in total there are more than 200 variants and if you want to count base ones it would be around 245 different variants together.

5) OvN Lost Factions: Araby

If you want a completely new faction to try out you should try any of the OvN Faction mods that they have released, but probably the most highly rated among them is Araby. This mod comes along with three different legendary lords and factions, a full custom roster of units and unique mechanics for all three major factions inside the game.

4) The Old World Campaign

One of the more ambitious projects done is the Old World Campaign map by Chaos Robie, the latest update added chaos realm areas on the corners of the map – this is actually lot larger map than the original Immortal Empires, consisting of more than 1200 settlements. The Core concept is to be as faithful as possible to the actual size of the old world and make locations like Athel Loren and Norsca as large as they originally should be.

There might be some limited submod combability with this one, so don’t expect all your favourite mods to work with this one.

3) SFO: Grimhammer III

If you are looking to drastically change your gameplay experience playing Total War Warhammer III the SFO Grimhammer mod might be the thing for you. The idea of this mod is to rebalance, rework and adjust mechanics to be closer to the Warhammer lore, there is a full extensive Google spreadsheet that explains all the changes which I recommend taking a look at.

There is also extensive list of sub-mods which have been created for SFO that you can take use of if you want to add more flavour to the experience.

2) Immortal Empires Expanded

One of the more cool mods that will seriously change your gaming experience is “Immortal Empires Expanded” which essentially unlocks playable areas in Ind, Khuresh and Tor Elithis. Whilst making these areas playable and adding new NPC factions inside them – there are also new settlements in the existing Immortal Empires map as well, like a few islands added on the coast of Lustria, Nippon and Eastern Chaos steppes area largely expanded upon with new way gates that allow you to move between east and west.

There is lot of submods also available for IEE and it definitely changes quite a lot of the behaviour of the factions. The only negative i would say is that by playing with this mod the campaigns will take a lot more time to complete, if that is a non-issue this will be great for you. It’s also getting frequent updates that improve terrain and look of the many areas and I’ve been very impressed with its progress. However were expecting new map changes from Creative Assembly on next patch, so we have to see how this will affect future versions of IEE.

1Mixu’s Legendary Lords

I decided to feature my favourite mod as last on this list and that is Mixu’s updated Legendary Lords pack that enables you to play with additional custom lords and heroes for multiple factions inside the game, these characters have unique skill trees, faction mechanics/traits and models that really bring them alive. Currently, this mod gives +40 additional Legendary lords and heroes to play with – anywhere from Chakax to Tullaris Deadbringer.

This mod has existed since TWW2 days and has been updated pretty frequently and I presume more updates are going to follow as CA reveals more of their DLC plans for characters they want to add. Note; there might be some minor text bugs on the titles of some of the characters in the game outside of this, the mod has worked quite fine over the years.

There are a lot more faction-specific and visual mods that we wanted to feature as well, but we will probably feature them in a separate article.