Princess Peach has to Abandon Feminism & Submit to Mario in The Sequel Movie

The latest Super Mario Bros. movie was a decent entry to the much-beloved franchise, but it has a fundamentally distorted relationship between peach and Mario and what it used to represent. In the new movie, Nintendo & Wokewood decided much to our surprise made her a Mary Sue and now she is halberd wearing Samus-wannabe or something like that.

Pretty much all Mario games follow the same plot which is “Save the princess from a castle” She is the embodiment of Damsel in the distress basically and her character is much built around that, now since we have to subvert all classical meaning and erase source material as the Feminist Hegemony desires. Now to be fair this could’ve been a lot more woke entry, but let’s not forget what actually happens in the movie (Spoilers inc..)

Now at the beginning of the movie Mario and Luigi are living in Brooklyn basically being the laughingstock of their peers and their actual family too. They start their own plumbing business and end up failing on their first gig after some things happen and they end up going into this strange new world (The Mushroom Kingdom). Mario nor Luigi has no grasp over what’s going on and things like magic and powers are totally unknown to them.

Mario is separated from Luigi and he wants to save him from Bowser and for whatever reason he has to meet the Princess to do so. Now turns out Peach has been living in this world since an infant and basically is a total warrior woman who can basically do everything (drive, parkour, fight, diplomatic skills, etc.) aka Mary Sue. Now Wokewood has this odd fixation over the matter that even if a character is mary sue and better than any man it’s still considered inappropriate for such a character to have any male love interests.

  • Even after having no obligation to save Mushroom Kingdom Mario does it, defeats Bowser, and basically saves everyone from his prison – which wouldn’t have been possible without him and Luigi. Yet there is zero sign of real romantic appreciation from Peach. Why do you think men in general engage in White Knight acts? Because that usually entailed rewards. In almost every game in this series, Mario receives a kiss from Peach, was that really that much to ask after doing all this work?

Strong Arabic Mario

Mario has to Stop being a Beta Male

This is a dual-sided issue fundamentally – even if Peach wasn’t a Mary Sue, there is no reason for Mario to be a total loser when it comes to assertiveness and conquering women. At the end of the day when you walk into the cinemas and see whose the core audience is, it’s not women it’s men. That is the main demographic who buys these games and watches these movies, there is no point in catering to a Feminist audience for sake of a couple of extra bucks at the box office while risking pissing off core fans.

I’m pretty much tired of seeing these weak ass males in every single franchise that I’m watching. We need to have men in leading positions and women follow them, that’s how every civilization has been built since the dawn of time and that is the natural order that always will resume when things go sideways. Real men do not desire feminist women or women trying to be men with traits that have been historically assigned to males – you can’t make it popular and you never will.

Stop Diverting Resources and Money to audiences whose not going to buy your products or movies anyways…

Now this is not an individual review of the movie but I do want to add that Chris Pratt was surprisingly convincing in his performance and so was Keegan whom I had zero expectations for, but apparently he was able to find a new voice in his monotone vocabulary. A lot of people were piling on Chris being chosen as the voice of Mario and I was initially quite skeptical myself because I never found this guy an A-Star actor and he’s been one of those faces that you see too much (Looking at you Seth Rogen) but Chris did deliver and kudos for him doing that.